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Dr.Renae Azziz serves on PSDI Summit  Planning Committee to Discuss Correlation of Trauma to Low Academic Achievement and Ways to Respond Effectively to Student Challenges

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (September 2017)- The Positive School Discipline Institute-Indiana (PSDI) wrapped its Summit on the Trauma-Informed School in late August as part of its year-long initiative to help school personnel reform disciplinary practices and promote academic success. Among PSDI's planning committee and resident faculty is Virtuoso Education Consulting CEO Renae Azziz Ed.S., NCSP, a renowned specialist in K-12 educator training and development in best practices, disproportionality issues, cultural competency and responsiveness, and positive discipline.

According to Azziz, the summit focused on creating more education success in Indiana by producing trauma-informed schools within the state. Trauma-informed schools are defined as schools which acknowledge and positively respond to students who have experienced traumatic situations outside or at school, some regularly, that adversely affect their school relationships and social and academic progress. Trauma includes bullying, witnessing or experiencing abuse of any kind at home or elsewhere, the death of a loved one, or witnessing disturbing accidents or life-threatening weather events-the list goes on. In a trauma-informed school, educators, staff, administrators, parents, and law enforcement are prepared to recognize and respond to those who have been impacted by traumatic stress and foster an environment of positivity, trust, respect, and sensitivity.

The PSDI summit shared strategies and tools to help such influential adults improve school climate and student progress when faced with trauma-induced challenges from students. The objective of PSDI, in general, is to equip educators with strategies rooted in positive school discipline and trauma-informed and culturally-responsive practices in order to lead to thriving school climates and greater academic achievement among all students. These areas of focus are the bedrock components of expertise for Virtuoso Education Consulting.

Azziz views such conferences as the Summit on Trauma-Informed Schools as opportunities to inform the masses in Indiana's education industry about another avenue to improve school learning environments and reduce exclusionary discipline. "In 2012-2013, more than 750,000 school days were lost to suspension or expulsion in Indiana," Azziz reports. "We have to get to the source of why this is happening, often in disproportionate amounts to certain groups, then teach the adults how to reach out to students more effectively. The summit and other such professional development programs help all of us in education do just that, and hopefully, produce stronger, happier, and successful young people."

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Renae Azziz EdD, NCSP is CEO at Virtuoso Education Consulting LLC, a professional development firm that empowers educators on best practices in the K-12 market. Her team helps educators meet school improvement goals, address disproportionality, and close achievement gaps.  She is the author of many best-selling professional development products. Visit www.virtuosoed.com or contact us at ed@virtuosoed.com or razziz@virtuosoed.com.

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