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Simulation Trainings

Simulation Training

Most corporations and academic courses that contain a training simulation either integrate it into an existing training or use the simulation to introduce a completely new training program.

There are many good reasons to implement simulations in your organization.

Let’s take a look at the distinct advantages of simulations over other types of training interventions.

When you consider the methods for implementing a simulation, such as online, written, gaming, group participation, or individual, it’s easy to see that simulations can fit with any type of program. But it’s also a good idea to think about the specific benefits and advantages of simulations, especially if you are going to have to justify an increase in cost or time for an overall training program.

First, participants in a simulation are able to learn through performing an action in order to get to a certain outcome. Simulations are beneficial because of the expanded outcomes that result from implementing them; the experience itself. One of the essential bases of adult learning theory is the experiential component. We know from research that adults learn better through applied experience. In addition,  generalization of knowledge and  processing of content into long term memory  is increased  through experiential learning.


Time management and organization

Most simulations contain timed sessions, which will test the candidates’ skill in submitting decisions within the allotted time slot or highlight the fact that time pressures increase levels of stress and anxiety, thereby impacting performance.

Team Coordination

Our training simulations involve working in groups or teams of people which improves ones abilities to communicate effectively, delegate tasks and diplomatically resolve any situations.

Problem Solving

Our simulations will often present tricky circumstances that must be thought through logically to be solved. Successful resolution of these shows good management skills.

The structure of a training session are normally as follows:

This integrated training will allow all participants in the simulation to get the maximum experience possible in an entertaining, exciting way allowing new perspectives and learning.  

Expect our trainings to deliver results.

Whether your training content is standardized or custom-developed, Virtuoso delivers a comprehensive Simulation solution.

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