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Rethinking Training

                Rethinking Outsourcing

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Cultural Clashes In The Classroom: Are Cultural Misinterpretations A Root Cause For Disproportionate Discipline Of African-American Students?

Virtuoso Education Consulting Helps Shrink Racial Discipline Gap at Fort Wayne Schools

Renae Azziz Ed.S., NCSP, of Virtuoso Education Consulting LLC to Deliver Keynote Address at the TCASE Great Ideas Convention

Indiana Based Virtuoso Education Consulting LLC Strikes Distribution Deal with Taiwanese Trading Company

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Our Services

Video-Based Trainings (VBT)

Our instructional videos explain key concepts and terminology and present a step-by-step console demonstration. Through this cost-effective approach, clients can access high quality content via a DVD or other media format allowing for standardized delivery of best practice content, which clients can review as frequently as needed.

Participants receive  guided notes and pre/post tests to check their understanding. Our clients find that this approach supports onboarding of  new staff members in an effective way.

Video Training is Cost-effective

Until a few years ago, the high cost of duplication, production and shipping video were prohibitive enough to keep video training beyond the scope of most organizations’ budgets. Its use was limited to large companies with existing technology stacks to deliver video across the organization at scale. Now, video production is affordable and sensible.

It reduces travel expenses

One of the biggest benefits of corporate video training is the reduction of consultant travel costs. By investing in video training you eliminate  travel costs and rigid training dates and times. Having video training available  allows your staff to have access to subject matter experts around the world without having to bring in experts.

Video Delivers Consistency

Video can present large amounts of detailed information in a finite, condensed form. In addition, when properly produced, video eliminates or reduces confusion and questions that sometimes arise when written or spoken information is used during presentations. Video also allows you to compartmentalize information contained in training sessions, giving you further control over the content and timing of training sessions.

Virtuoso  produces numerous video resources to meet the needs of your clients, while saving you the expense of bringing in experts.

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