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A professional assessment forms the road map for the success of the entire organization. It informs teaching materials and methods, content selection, staffing, and even budgets. We offer scalable needs assessment services from large-scale analyses to small online survey projects customized to suit the needs of your special education program, school, or district.

Because we’re educators ourselves, we understand the unique challenges that your organization faces – and the common pitfalls that result in a disappointing needs assessment. We have direct experience in the K-12 needs assessment process as educators and consultants, and we are passionate about education.

The Virtuoso Approach

At Virtuoso, we believe that the needs assessment process should focus on the entire organization. We take a comprehensive approach, which has two goals:

1. Identify the strengths of the organization and its current program; and

2. Look for obstacles and barriers to success so that the organization can work to resolve them.

To accomplish this, we rely upon data from a diverse array of sources, including surveys, historical data, face-to-face interviews, and online assessment tools. We examine every aspect of a school’s operation and prioritize our recommendations according to the greatest need. Because we are educators ourselves, we know how to collect the data in a way that brings out the most relevant information.

For example, we believe it is extremely important to gather data from a variety of stakeholders within an organization from faculty, staff and administrators, to the students themselves. Gathering feedback from these two diverse groups might require different approaches. We customize the approach for every population to get the most data. The end result is an all-inclusive perspective of the environment, concerns, and priorities moving forward.

Once we have gathered all of the data, we move into the analysis phase. We identify the root causes of undesired outcomes, but also benchmark your successes so that you can build upon them with future needs assessments and programs.

Specifically, your Virtuoso needs assessment will:

Identify the areas of greatest concern and preferred outcome for each

Determine best practices for each preferred outcomes

Evaluate levels of the various competencies within the organization

Define performance gaps and prioritize training needs

Brainstorm solutions to needs identified by the assessment

Conduct a SWOT and/or cost benefit analysis for each potential solution

Develop a plan for next steps and outcome evaluation

We guarantee constructive feedback that will improve the health and performance of your organization and the effectiveness of your program.

The Virtuoso Difference

At Virtuoso, our role is to give you the information you need to chart a course toward being the best organization you can be. We are professionals who can identify gaps and challenges and recommend a course of action based on years of experience and expertise. Our assessment instruments are designed to gather data directly from the target audience. We don’t rely on brainstorming or anecdote sharing, and we go beyond the ‘usual suspects’ to non-member groups so we can expand the audience and gather even more data.

We also ask the right questions. For example, we want to know how staff members view their current responsibilities versus how their administrators define those responsibilities. We look at future career plans of key individuals, resources, and issues or trends in your community. We identify external factors such as the social and legal context in which your school or district operates, and share best practices from communities who have faced those challenges in the past.

We believe that total immersion using the most reliable data gathering methods developed over years of experience as educators is what makes the difference for our clients. Contact us today to begin scheduling your Virtuoso needs assessment.

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