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Virtuoso Education Consulting customizes its services to meet the unique needs of individual districts and schools. We are able to customize our trainings by first working with a district or individual school to determine strengths and identify needs as indicated by school wide and student level data. Together, we determine the best plan of action to ensure you get solutions and see results.

Our Services

We customize a plan of action to meet the unique needs of individual districts and schools. We accomplish this by first working with a district or school to complete a needs assessment to determine strengths and identify areas of need as indicated by district wide and student level data.

Our professional development services includes:

Significant Disproportionality Solutions

The disproportionate representation of minority students in Special Education and in Disciplinary Practices is an issue facing schools nationally.  We have successfully worked with districts cited for significant disproportionality and helped them to ultimately resolve noncompliance by:

We work with districts to accomplish these tasks and develop objective and measurable action plans for improvement.

School Improvement

Creating and Maintaining Systematic Change efforts requires in depth analysis and understanding of a school and how all elements complement one another. We work with districts and schools to develop a system for supporting and monitoring school improvement efforts that begins with a comprehensive needs assessment and uses the data gained for planning, implementation and evaluation.

Culturally  Responsive Positive Behavior Intervention Supports (PBIS)

Effective behavior management must include explicit considerations about the relevancy of culture. Our cultures impact how we learn and how we behave. Traditional attempts to create more positive school climates have focused on acknowledging behaviors that we want to see students engage in instead of reacting to misbehavior alone. While these practices have resulted in more effective behavior management they have not effectively met the behavior needs of all students.


 A comprehensive system of assessment is the foundation needed to ensure that the needs of all students are being met. Our training opportunities related to assessment provides educators with knowledge and skills regarding the use of formative, summative, diagnostic, and progress monitoring assessments to guide instructional planning.

Data Based Decision Making

As the pressures of accountability grow, educators are making more of an effort to use data to make decisions. In the school setting, using a problem solving process that relies on data to guide instruction and intervention is crucial. Our training opportunities related to data based decision making center around teaching educators a process for using data in a systematic way to guide decision making.


Culturally responsive practices are specific educational practices, instructional strategies, team processes, and curricula content which have been established by research to increase the achievement of culturally diverse students. With our culturePro process we help educators to increase awareness of their own culture, the cultures of others, and how to effectively adapt to meet the needs of culturally and linguistically diverse students.

Response to Intervention

Response to Intervention is a systematic framework for prevention and early intervention which involves assessing whether all students are learning and progressing adequately when provided with high-quality instruction and evidence-based interventions. Our trainings build awareness of the framework and provide guidance on how to implement the framework with fidelity.

Differentiated Instruction

In order to meet the wide range of needs and readiness levels in our classrooms today, teachers need strategies that allow them to flexibly remediate and enrich learning. Our trainings in Differentiated Instruction, inform educators about this research based instructional strategy designed to maximize student growth and individual success by levering the unique qualities of each student.

Additional Professional Development Services

School Executive 1-on-1 Training

Onsite consulting and training for key school administrators

Data Analysis and Consulting

Review and analysis of school wide data(i.e. Statewide testing scores, school benchmarks, universal screening data, disciplinary data) to identify areas of strength and need.

Intercultural Developmental Inventory Assessment and Analysis

Survey assessment of current levels of cultural proficiency to identify focus of professional development needs.

Progress Monitoring and Follow-up Consulting

Extended coaching and advisement regarding implementation of Virtuoso Education Consulting training content.

School Environment Assessment and Analysis

Onsite observation of school/classroom environments and summarization of priority issues to target for improvement.

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