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Virtuoso Education Consulting LLC is one of the most dynamic, results-oriented teacher professional development firms in education today. Our company has provided hundreds of staff development trainings focused on giving educators intensive action plans, research based techniques and cutting-edge applications to meet the needs of all learners. We support educators at all levels with professional development courses ranging from state consultation, district leadership teams, school level improvement efforts, and practitioner training.


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Like our clients, we too are educators. We are a team of dedicated individuals with a wide range of experiences and areas of expertise, who work closely with educational systems and practitioners toward achieving the mission of promoting educational change to ensure positive outcomes for all students.

As educational systems seek to implement best practices and comply with Federal and State mandates, the need for staff training is critical. To fulfill this need, Virtuoso Education Consulting, LLC is dedicated to offering flexible and staff development services to guide school improvement efforts. We offer a range of services that focus on needs assessment, action planning, teacher professional development and implementation of best practice strategies.

We offer a range of products to meet the professional development needs of educators. Our products are designed to present comprehensive information regarding Best Practices in education that help educators make a meaningful difference in their work and stay current on new research . Educators find that our products provide them with the flexibility they need in providing meaningful teacher professional development.

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